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Fact #1

There are two types of Van Cats. The Europeanized Fox and the Anatolian all white version. They are sometimes intermixed but both felines are two different breeds of cats. Based off their hereditary traits. 

The Anatolian version not intermixed  are shorter hair felines. 


Fact #2

To be a purebred classification of Feline you have to be associated with the famous legend. 

Cats whose parents are purebred but produce the same coloured eyes are 2nd tier purebreds. Marketable at the cost of a Persian cat.

In the past some of these cats were mixed in with Angoras or Persians by illicit breeders trying to produce the mixed eyes rapidly. Weaning out the white ones from the many colours Persians and Angoras produce. 

Counsel: an attempt of standardization should be done to protect the original cat species.

Fact #3

 This black cat with Congenital eye irregularity by chance is a yes regarding the Legend across Turkey.  

No question, he is a Van cat like the Van boy and the Van dog in the photo gallery. Turkish Daily.

However, he is a NO for registry of the Van breed with the Cat Associations across Europe and in Turkey.

Meaning his DNA and feline registry does not fit the list of "purebred" requirement standards.  As beautiful as he is.  


Fact #4

The purebreds cats are on an extinction list and can only be found with certain registered societies. Meaning they are not found in pet stores like other felines. 

Fact #5

Van Cats purebreds in Champion status (no irregularities) are classified the most expensive cats in the world.

They range in perfect standing anywhere from 10,000, to 15,000 Euro's+

Fact #6

Wild Van Cats from the lake region are historically known as swimming and hunting cats.

The purebred cats are slightly larger than a standard domesticated house cat. 

In addition, if not neutered they are aggressively territorial towards other male felines and have a tendency to kill, as part of their hunt regiment.