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· Born on the Asiatic side of Istanbul Turkey in 1967  

· Favorite colours Green Forest / Blue Skies and Seas  

· She stopped painting and is now drawing for environmental reasons.  

· Her family comes from Central Asia's Turkic people. 

 · Her sister was raised Jewish (Wagar High, University of Chicago), she on the other hand was raised by the black community. She herself does not closely know or speak with anyone white, referencing her closest circle. This is without prejudice, just an irony of her life circumstance.

· She also went to a predominantly black school with a black principal (Mrs. Lord) and spent a large period of her life in housing (code name Jungle). 

· She was raised poor and also spent a good chunk of her early life in the Bronx and Harlem where she passed herself off as Hispanic and/ or her birth religion Islam not to get killed. Late 70’s Right after Civil Rights Movement where segregation still played a heavy role in the USA.

· Her brother is a famous underground Turkologist.

· Dated, according to Turks, enemy front line for several years and did not give a crap.

· She finds humans sometimes conceptually lacking.

· She promoted Asiatic Natives to the world and finds her Canadian First Nation's people another cultural heritage.

· Through her numerous linguistics she cried to Jews the decode of Yerusha in Yerushaliyim (Jerusalem) actually belongs to our Turkic Asiatic Natives in India / Asia Major.

· She drinks socially but not more than two ounces otherwise she gets intoxicated. 

· When asked to make Turkish food she got confused and served guest Turkish Cabbage rolls with jerk seasoning.


· Her children are of Shamanic descent and were born with fluorescent blue bums. 

· If it were not for Bajan woman, she would completely lack any type of mannerism, etiquette and /or social skill.


· She was a single mother, pregnant during her University days and is a York University Alumni, who was trained by Prof. Dr. J. Warkentin and immensely influenced by Sandy Bell local garden horticulturist. 


· Worked out of University of Toronto for the latter portion of her research / independent submission. Is a proxy doctorate of Howard University in the USA.

· Her children's father is nicknamed by her as Mr. Daisy and is forever the love of her life.

· Built herself up and is a member of the Black Community Centre since little, the oldest club in Canada 1902. Whose woman are all Female Trail blazer.

· Is under protection after getting seriously injured for her written notes including the Defeat of Civil Rights, Lets Evolve (The Anatolian Case Study) and The Rewriting of the Religions.

· Told authorities do not pass judgements or question the skies after she messaged the Turkic Consular Authority with what they felt was classified information.

· Trademarked / Licensed the discovery Kanata Means Wings and Kanada is a band (Kabilesi) in Confinement.


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 Regarding: Trademarked / License Kanata Means Wings and Kanada is a band (Kabilesi)