Little Guy


Three days, three nights of continuous rain.

Freezing cold was I in an old Greek home,

that was built in the neighborhood,

before the big war.


In the back streets of Beyoglu.

A loud cry can be heard,

in a 100-meter-deep construction well.

The cries echoed continuously.


How I prayed for the life stuck,

may it humanely leave.

I am feeling its immense pain.

On the third night disturbed was my soul.

I dressed warmly in the blistering cold.


Enter the dangerous trenches to find the loudest of

voices was actually the tiniest of kittens,

half-deathly cold.


Little guy

I am in a massive old home that is heated and

in this weather I am still very icy.

How did you survive this horrid wet cold?

How I am proud of your courage to endure,

you teach me to be bold.


I fed him milk and noticed the single

eye missing and injured spirit that

I would now care for.

I am going to have to keep you outside.

For I will leave soon

and want you to survive on your own.


Fifteen more days and fifteen more nights,

he stood huddled at my door.

I have a flight soon I begged,

Kanata is my home.

Please leave and try to make it

on your own.


Don’t follow me,

there are too many like you

to keep score.


Neighbors had called him omen.

How my heart hurt for the higher;

called the lack in human compassion.

The spirits of many who come to earth to

experience hardship.

The city eventually picked him up,

How I was terribly sad when told.

 Gone was my little guy, I risked my life for...

                                                                                              Written by Yildiz Ilkin


 * Beyoglu is a cobblestoned historic street in Istanbul, Turkey



Using Art to Help Promote Compassion, Neutering and Care of Domesticated Animals

Variety Of Art Oil Paintings To Help Promote 15 years (+/=) Commitment Of Domesticated Pets

Organized by Yildiz Ilkin

Notes & Quotes - To help a single feline makes you human, to help many makes you divine.

God made the cat to understand

what a lion feels like

In history cats are seen as so divine,

the sultan cut his coat so the

animal could continue sleeping..

Playing with a kitten then throwing

it away will only make you come back a mouse in your next life...

He who hates a feline, does not understand what overrun  with rodent means.

In Islam cats are allowed in the home.

There is only one tiny problem they do need to be neutered.

Kindness to the living on earth with no capacity to communicate with humans,

will only add good karma to your soul.


No matter how naughty you are? Any animal wounded and saved, means heaven on the other side. 


Teaching compassion was designed by God via Animals.

Compassion Video Promoting Vegan